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What is "Whole House" managed power?

Champion Home Standby Generators using Whole House managed power provide access to your homes entire electrical system at a lower cost by managing your high demand electrical appliances with a smarter switch a more efficient generator.

There are two types of electrical circuit breakers in most homes electrical distribution panel, 120 volt, or 240 volt. These are also sometimes referred to as single pole or double pole circuit breakers. Managed power provides access to your 120 volt circuits, such as lighting, wall outlets, refrigerator and microwave - when under generator power. Your larger demand 240 volt circuits, electric range, electric clothes dryer and electric water heater can be managed with the generator controls in the transfer switch and remote power management modules.

Thermostatically controlled appliances like air conditioning and heat pumps can be controlled by the Champion transfer switch and do not require a load control module.

Your Champion dealer can assist you in sizing your generator to your home’s electrical demand. For larger demand, you may require a larger standby generator. Air conditioning is usually the largest electric demand in a home. Select the 14kW Champion for powering up to a 5 ton and a 4 ton air conditioner, the 12.5kW for powering up to a 4 ton and a 3 ton air conditioner and the 8.5kW for powering a 3 ton air conditioner*.

Champion Whole house managed power gives you access to more of the circuits in your panel, just not all at the same time. The system is designed to keep the generator from overloading during an outage and allow you to continue your activities.

Using a smaller generator and smarter transfer switch, Champion home standby whole house managed power is the simple solution for giving you more for your money.

*load dependent. Rated in accordance with UL2200

How is a "Whole House" transfer switch wired?

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